established in 2021

KILINC INTERNATIONAL is a trading company and wholesaler / exporter from Istanbul/Turkey. We are supplying general merchandise, textile, leather and fashion products to importers around the world for the last 11 years. Our main business is USA and EU market, we have been export our products to more than 10 countries in Europe and Middle East.

KILINC International is proud to have overcome so many challenges over time by establishing ourselves as a go-to supplier for several industries with our wide range of products. We started out as a business based out of Turkey in 2010, but quickly became a worldwide business. We supply goods and services to the USA and other countries through networks of distributors and partners who help us reach new markets all over the world. Many different challenges face us today and will continue confronting us on an ongoing basis because there are always new markets we want to tap into like Germany, the UK, France, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and others! As we expand into new markets overseas, our top priority remains focusing on quality at every step along the way.

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To provide the needs of both our customers and end consumers with the highest quality by completing the requested services in the promised manner and on time.


To contribute to people’s living the life they want with our presence wherever human beings reach.


  • Sustainability
  • Quality service
  • Happy Employees